Arroz Imperial

A very famous dish from the Cuban Cuisine

This is one of our most requested recipes and it’s a great

dish to prepare for guests.

Many people serve Imperial Rice as a side dish but it is

good enough to be served as a main dish





Arroz Imperial

Imperial Rice is a delicious chicken and rice dish with a unique twist (an infusion of cheese and a gooey melt cheese in top.


Chicken, Olive Oil, Onions, Green and Red Pepper, Oregano, Garlic, Tomato Sauce, Salt, Pepper, Mayonnaise, Mozzarella cheese

Served with Sweet Plantain, Mix Salad and bread with butter

Price per guest:

For 30 Guests    $ 10.00

For 50 Guests     $ 9.00

For 70 or more Guests     $ 8.00

Price included Chaffing Dishes and 1 free waiter for every 50 guests.

Price include Tax

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